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Sabado Gigante ... y domingo y lunes y martes y hoy tambien.

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Feb. 26th, 2003 | 11:25 pm
mood: draineddrained
music: Missy Elliott "Work It"

Gah, I hate being behind in my journal ... it reminds me of all those end-of-year philosophical summaries that I never did and am probably never going to do (there, I said it). In any case, Saturday:

My tour was not that great ... we had lots of new training tour guides to shadow, so I got two, one of whom was Roger Y. I dunno why, but I just don't think he's as hot as I did last year. In any case, my tour group was really quiet and normal, not asking many questions, thus reducing the number of "unusual" ones. Hence, why I had no "unusual" tour question of the week. It was also pouring rain during some parts of my tour, which was no fun at all, and I got soaking wet even with an umbrella.

The only other exciting thing that day was the Lavender Ball! I finally ironed everything and got ready around 7:00-7:30, and I was scheduled to pre-party with Stephen and his date around 8:30. While I was getting ready, Brian S. IMed me and asked if I wanted to play QAF drinking games ... I politely declined, then laughed raucously. What exactly does a Queer as Folk drinking game entail? I don't think I want to know.

I did pre-party with Stephen and Parul, his date, who was really nice, and a bunch of other people. Caroline and Kelly and Karen came over, bringing Kate (who was en route somewhere else) and Jessie, Susie, Jessie's sister Georgia, and two of her friends, so we had quite a group. Weiting showed up around 8:30 and went to go get ready, and we all drank up the booze pretty quickly and walked out to the Doris Duke Center. It was a really nice night, although I didn't really meet anyone new ... except for the infamous Trevor (whom I liked and thought was nice ... plus he had a fauxhawk ... getting a little obsessed with those) and one of his friends. But it was a fun time with lots of friends, with sketchy dancing and pretty good catered food. I spent a lot of time on the balcony outside because it was hot and smelled funny inside ... everyone was out there being social and it was a generally good time. I also talked to Jerry for the first time in forever ... he's doing well, I guess, and still woefully incompatible with me. But hey, that's a good thing.

After the semiformal ended (at the shockingly late hour of midnight, ha) we made plans to go to an afterparty in Carrboro. So Jessie, Georgia, her friends, Susie, and I were planning to drive over there in Jessie's car ... Sam and Nancy gave us a ride to East so we could fetch it and pick everyone else up, and we had an incident in the Brodie parking lot trying to get out of there. An obviously drunk woman (or otherwise under the influence of some substance) came up to us as we were getting in the car and proclaimed that we were in her parking space. Jessie apologized and said that we were leaving, after which the woman continued to tell us about how she needed her parking space open when she came home at night. She asked Jessie where she lived, then proclaimed that she was the faculty-in-residence in Randolph, although we were pretty certain that there is no faculty-in-residence in that dorm. She yakked on and on about wanting to get to know everyone in the dorm and then asked Jessie about where she was from, where she went to high school, why she was driving this car, why she was parking there, etc. etc. etc. When she finally let up, we fled from there as fast as possible ... un-yay for crazy ladies who accost you in parking lots.

We picked up everyone else from the Doris Duke Center and set about dropping off Georgia's friends in Durham ... Susie and I provided lots of entertainment, which included a big conversation in Spanish (I did well considering I haven't spoken it in a while), and musings about whether the guy standing in front of Railroad Video was waiting on a drug deal, then about whether Railroad Video was actually Railroad Video or if the sign was deceiving us. It was hilarious, and we were all laughing hysterically at so many points while driving around. It made me miss cruising!! I'll probably be the pathetic 21-year old college grad doing that in Albuquerque with all the high school kids who can't get into clubs, haha.

So after that we finally set off for Carrboro, and it was about 2:15 when we finally got to the apartment. It was a gathering of about 10 lesbians and this cute guy with blue hair by then, so we went in and hung around and talked to Christina and Kelly, and watched them eat pasta ravenously. All told, we spent probably less than an hour there before rounding up Charlene, Christina, and Kelly and heading back to Duke, but it was fun anyway.

On the drive back, everyone fell asleep except for Jessie and I, so we talked about college and what we thought of our experiences at Duke and where else we could have gone, etc. It was an awesome conversation and I felt like we could relate to each other a lot more, both being from the fabulous state of New Mexico and all. *hugs to Jessie*

So, that was Saturday, and it was lots of fun. Sunday was much less eventful ... I woke up late, went to Cosmic with Stephen and Caroline, and got really sleepy when I got back. I struggled to do homework for a few hours, then decided to take a nap about 6:45. That turned into twelve hours of sleep, and it was thus that I welcomed Monday. Luckily, I could get some work done because I had woken up at 7:00 a.m.

The rest of Monday was characterized by manic homework-doing, which included some interviews for my paper on smokers at Duke. Weiting and Sarah provided the craziest responses ever, and some useful information too ... Susie's was equally awesome, and quotable so that made my paper a little easier. Lesson learned: Do not let subjects pick their own fake names. Not that I cared much, but my professor might ... it won't affect my grade, he'll just think I'm an idiot, ha.

Tuesday and today: More homework. It has all just been ridiculous, but I'm over the hump now, I think? Hopefully I am. In addition to the regular Culanth analyses all I have left as far as assignments is: a great list of major people/places/things to submit to my History prof, which should be relatively easy; the topic for my final History research paper and some sources I intend to use, which isn't hard either but means I will be rooting through Perkins a lot tomorrow; and a short presentation for Polisci ... I don't know what issue I'll be talking about cos I wanted to do something on gay rights but the presenter doesn't really get to give their opinion, and I don't want to be left helpless in front of some of the hollow-headed knee-jerk conservatives in that class as they liken gays to the idiotic stereotype of their choice, so I might find something else.

And following all that is SPRING BREAK! Wee! I really need it.

Only big issue going on right now is regarding the stoopid (in my opinion) article that some guy wrote in the Chronicle yesterday. Clearly (points to eye) he was put off by AQUADuke but I don't think it was good of him to base that opinion on one meeting, and go on to admit that was what he was basing his opinion of the group on later in the article. A lot of people disagree with me about that one, but I still think it was the wrong way to consider us. So there's been lots and lots of back and forth on the AQUADuke list about whether we should respond or not, and I've become totally frustrated with the situation because the inclusiveness that we do actually strive for in AQUADuke (whether or not it comes across as an inclusive, welcoming attitude, we do try) seems to have been majorly screwed up by one article by a guy who hasn't gotten past the "Why aren't other gay people like me?" phase. It's not bad that he feels that way, I think most gay people do at some point, but I wish he hadn't used it as ammunition to hinder our progress at trying to represent the gay community in some way, shape, or form. Now what he needs to do, in my opinion, is shut up about us and start something of his own to improve what he doesn't like about us.

Gah, I've bitched enough ... my journal entry is huge, and I'm not done with my homework yet, so good night. (Plus Mike is still talking to me on IM ... woo)

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