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Woooo in a better mood finally

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Nov. 15th, 2005 | 08:36 pm
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Madonna "Get Together"

Anthropologists cannot answer simple questions. Hah.

This is one of my two new icons; they are related, so please to look at them both. I wanted to put "How YOU doin'?" in white letters over her head, but decided not to for the moment. If anyone feels inspired, be my guest. More forthcoming.

Today at work was pretty shitty and I felt like crying or running away for a while, because I can only spend so much time working on one project when it gets sent back to me every other day with more corrections. But that shall be done soon, and I had good banter with Carlus today so that was nice. And Geoff looked like he was in Las Vegas (the Nevada one) with his outfit. And I opened a water bottle for Susan. And I hope that Celeste is okay. Yay work. I'm looking forward to Saturday's dinner; perhaps I should brownbag some red wine so I can pretend to spill it on the art.

I got Madonna's new album, and I am pleased. If you haven't seen her video, you should, but be warned that there is prominent Madge Vag in it. You'll see what I mean, I know you're curious.

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