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Dreams. And contact lenses.

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Jul. 16th, 2004 | 11:34 am
mood: awakeawake

Hoo boy, last night was a busy night for dreamin'. I fell asleep at about 11.30 after a pretty long day of work and running, and dreamed that I was in the San Francisco Airport again, except it wasn't very big. There were only three terminals, and only one of them had traditional flights arriving and departing. One of the others featured some new sort of flight which didn't involve planes ... it was more like a place to fly if you were in a certain state of mind ... except that you really did go places. And I have no idea what the third terminal was all about. Nevertheless, I was in one of them and passed a really tiny restaurant where one guy was cooking all kinds of stuff, and then I passed a BART station, which didn't feature trains, but was based on really fast moving walkways. Like you got on a walkway and it sped up like woah until you got to your destination, then it slowed down so you could get off. The walkways were also neon green and orange and encased in glass.

At about 1.30, Nathan called and I sounded like a total stoner as I tried to explain this dream to him ("Like, it was for flying in a whole new way, dude."). We chatted about other stuff and then hung up, and I got online for a while before going back to bed. Then I had a really terrible dream that I had been committed to a mental hospital, and spent the whole time terrified at the situation and trying to remember who had taken me there. Don't remember any real details, though. And this just two weeks after I read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I would've thought such dreams would come a little sooner, if at all, but whatever.

Then after a bout of wakefulness, I fell asleep again and eventually had the most vivid dream: I was with a boy and a girl about my age but I have no idea who they were, and we somehow got to a cabin way up in the mountains after a journey I don't really remember the details of. We were just chilling on the porch for a while with this unreal view of snowy mountain, then a bunch of people started to show up. Like really rowdy people that were just talking loudly at first, but then some of them started to fight. There was also a cop standing by the porch just looking off into the distance, and he seemed unconcerned when the fights started to break out. So my two companions and I were starting to get nervous about all the commotion, and suddenly I saw the cop over by the driveway/entrance to the cabin area start to unfurl a roll of crime scene tape that was tied to a tree or a fence post or something. So I totally freak out and think we're about to get arrested, but the boy and the girl take off running for the backyardish area, and I follow. I saw a really strange, 30 foot tall pyramid in the backyard and thought to myself, "Maybe that's the time machine." Um. Yeah. So after clmibing over a fence, a lot of the people got away from the cop(s), but the boy and the girl and me end up alone trying to figure out how to get down from the mountain. We started to follow what we thought was a gravel path, but after a couple of times traversing upsloping paths followed by vertical climbs, we realized it was a ski-jumping course. So then we saw a railroad track (conveniently adjacent to a ski jump, ha) and decided to follow it. I looked up and down the track and figured out which way was downhill. There was a sort of covered bridge thing on the tracks that was actually way too small for a train to go through, and we hesitated. Eventually this guy's head pops out of the covered bridge and I realize that he was sleeping in there, so I asked him for permission to use the tracks to walk down the mountain, and he said that it wouldn't work because of what was going on just down from where he was sleeping. So we have no idea what he's talking about, but we need to get home before night comes and it rains or something like that, which apparently instilled fear for my life into me, so we decide to walk down the tracks anyway. So we're walking alongside the single railroad track, and we come upon a construction crew that's putting another track down. And this sketchy guy who was apparently the contractor comes up to us and starts telling us about how he builds a Burger King wherever people are lost. Then I woke up. Someone explain that one to me.

As for today, I just got back from my eye appointment, where the actual doctor had me read some eye charts and then declared that the substitute doctor prescribed things differently than she did, and said I could just go back to the original prescription if I wanted to because the astigmatism was minor and didn't necessitate a different lens, in her opinion. So I took her advice because it would be cheaper, so now the insurance will cover all of my contact lens costs, woo. This is especially good because I have nine hours scheduled next week at Old Navy, as do most of the people who work there. Why are they still hiring more people??? So my next check will probably be pretty light.

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