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It's been a productive morning.

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Jan. 20th, 2004 | 11:22 am
mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated
music: OMG, I just saw the scariest campaign ad ever.

I've managed to turn around my wheelbarrow full of loose ends in just a few hours, thankfully. I woke up at 8.50 after hitting snooze twice, answered e-mails, and emptied out my backpack so I can actually use it. Then I went to Rick's for breakfast, which was the best start I could have made for myself. Since then, I also went to Dean LoBiondo's office to reserve the WEL Theater, went to Dean Bryant's office and talked to her for a while about my grades, and sorted out my tour guide woes. And now I'm on the phone with OIT about my cable.

Results from all that: We got the WEL theater for February 2! Woo! This movie night shall rock. Also, Dean Bryant totally rocks and spent most of the time reassuring me that I'll be fine in future semesters, and she also asked me all kinds of questions about how happy I was at Duke, it was pretty amusing. As far as the tour guide program, I was going to sub for someone that didn't show up, but there weren't enough visitors, so I didn't have to do it. Therefore, I decided to talk to Gina about my scheduling problems, and tried not to whine too much.

As I waited for her to come down from her office, I was listening to Alice talk to this overly ambitious freshman kid in the lobby about some student group he wants to start. He mentioned the importance of networking so many times that I had to sit down, but then Alice introduced me to him and asked if I knew how to start a student group. I think this was mostly a gesture to make the kid feel like he was getting his networking started early, haha, so I was amused. Anyway, Gina understood the situation and offered to give me lots of special tours until I get put back on the schedule in March, starting tomorrow. So after my first day of work tomorrow, I'm going to give a tour of East and West to a bunch of guidance counselors, woo.

AND MY CABLE WORKS NOW! I'm so watching the rest of The Price Is Right before class.

In other news, I'm not sure how I feel about the Iowa caucuses. I was originally really supportive of Dean months ago, coming from a small state and going on with the civil unions thing, but now I'm really unsure. Aside from being small, Vermont and New Mexico really have nothing in common, and it's not really a good basis for me to support him anymore, especially because of all those random comments about Southerners. And he is very little like Bill Richardson, an unconscious association that I somehow adopted. But Kerry? What's the advantage of picking the husband of the heiress to the ketchup empire over the Park Avenue/Hamptons doctor? I don't relate to Northeasterners very well. Edwards? Gephardt? Clark? I don't know if I want to support any of them. I feel about John Edwards like I did about John Sanchez ... just not enough experience to be a chief executive. And of course that's why John Sanchez lost, muahaha, not to mention that he was going against Bill Richardson. But anyway, I really need to do some more research and some thinking before my absentee ballot comes next week. La.

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