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Nov. 21st, 2003 | 09:30 pm
mood: creativecreative
music: Linda Ronstadt "La Calandria"

I just got back from watching Spellbound with Marina, Rita, and Lillie. More about that momentarily ... first the recap of the day ...

I dealt with Spanish class (which is seriously becoming the biggest fucking ordeal), and then went to work. Almost 15 minutes late, even with plenty of time to get there means I just don't care, haha. Anyway, I folded letters for most of my time there, and met Liz, the new girl, whom I think might be a student? It was quite a boring shift, la.

When I arrived at the bus stop to go home, Marina was there, and we chatted there and on the bus, then I went off to SQ, which was also pretty dull, so I didn't stay long. I spent a while here and then decided to go up to campus for food. In the WEL elevator I met Marina and Lillie on the way to The Loop for dinner, so I joined them. Paola, Anne, and eventually Rita joined us there and we spent about an hour and a half eating and hanging out and hearing fabulous stories. Whether or not they were actually funny I'm not sure, but we enjoyed them immensely. Particularly Greg Bloom's friend in Greensboro with the three-story building in the middle of town that has rooms demarcated by books and rugs, and where nothing can be taken out. Props to Marina and Greg for stealing things! Anyway, that was the funnest meal I've had in a while.

From there Rita, Lillie, Marina, and I headed to the Bryan Center to see Spellbound, and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. The extreme level of preparation was really scary, though. Hopefully those kids have had time to chill. Anyway, this entry needs a

I had a very weird history with the spelling bee at my elementary school. Both of the ones I did were held in the library, which is about .0001% the size of Perkins Library, and way too many people were stuffed into it. In the 4th grade I made it to the final round, but by that time I was so nervous that I couldn't handle the pressure anymore. My teacher had told all of us before we went to the library that if we won, we would go to the citywide spelling bee, so when the last round started, I was freaking out because I thought I would pass out if I had to go to that. So I threw the Spelling Bee. I'm the only kid I know who was fucked up enough to deliberately lose a Spelling Bee, haha. My final word was "finance," and I decided to spell it "financ" so I wouldn't have to go to the city one. Ha. At the end, my class was on our way back to the classroom, and I attempted to act all disappointed with the other kids that had missed something, which was kind of amusing.

In 5th grade, I had realized that that was a really fucking stupid move, so I wanted to win that time. We did the whole thing in the library again, and I did win, but I don't remember the winning word or anything. It wasn't very memorable. Later that day, my dad picked me up from school and I let him know about it, and he was happy, but then I told him that it meant going to the citywide spelling bee, and he was like, "Uh, we're gonna be in Roswell that day. So you can't go." And I was pissed. Whoever came in second that year had to go in my place, and I went to Roswell with my family, cos my mom was hosting a conference that day. Ha. And I never did the spelling bee again because in middle school such a thing was oh so uncool, haha.

Now I'm chillin in my room and waiting to hear if Marina, et. al. are going to do anything tonight. I'm finally free of schoolwork for a while, so I'm ready to party, or at least get really fucking drunk and make a spectacle, but even if that doesn't happen, I'm going to clean up my room properly and decorate more. I put up my OK Go poster! It's crooked, but whatevah. My sexuality isn't even straight, what chance do I have with posters?

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